A Message of Gratitude from THREE CEO Daniel Picou


As we gather around the virtual table of reflection during this season of gratitude, we extend our heartfelt thanks for the incredible journey of the past year at THREE. Join us in expressing appreciation for the milestones, connections, and shared moments that have defined our inaugural year. Here's a special Thanksgiving message from our CEO, Daniel Picou, as we give thanks for the remarkable journey so far.

Gratitude in Every Milestone

From the outset, our mission has been to redefine wellness, and what a year it has been! Our products have not only reached the hands of individuals worldwide but have become a source of vitality and well-being for thousands. Each product sold is a testament to the trust you've placed in us, and we're truly grateful for the opportunity to be part of your wellness journey.

three collagéne sitting in a glass case

Unforgettable Gatherings

The energy and passion that filled the air at our convention in Anaheim and THREE regionals were beyond anything we could have imagined. Meeting so many wonderful, dedicated individuals who share our belief in science-based products and proactive wellness has been an absolute honor. These gatherings weren't just events; they were celebrations of a community bound by a shared commitment to a healthier, more purposeful life.

group of three ambassadors speaking at three convention in anaheim

A Message of Gratitude from Daniel Picou

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, our CEO, Daniel Picou, shares, "We have so much to be thankful for this time of the year. It’s hard to express how grateful I am for the opportunity to have met and spent time with so many wonderful, passionate, and dedicated people over the last 9 months. It’s been an absolute honor getting to share these science-based products and this platform that I believe in so much with so many all around the world. We’re excited for what the future holds, and thankful for what it’s brought so far."

daniel picou ceo of three hugging guests at the three convention in anaheim

Looking Ahead with Excitement

As we express our gratitude for the remarkable moments of the past year, we also look ahead with excitement. The future holds new opportunities, collaborations, and innovations as we continue our journey to empower lives through proactive wellness.

a group of three ambassadors smiling at three convention

A Thanksgiving Toast

On this Thanksgiving holiday, we raise a virtual toast to each person who has been part of this incredible year. Thank you for your trust, your passion, and your commitment to a healthier, purposeful life. Here's to many more years of shared successes, growth, and well-being.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Daniel Picou and the THREE Team