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Recurring Smart Ship

You're Smart. So put your products on Smart Ship!
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Choose the product or products you want shipped directly to your door
  2. Smart Ship delivers your products every 28 days
  3. Receive a $100 non-commissionable Reward Certificate for each time you process 6 consecutive Smart Ship orders

How to set up your Smart Ship...

Need help setting up your Recurring Smart Ship? We got you!

Take a look at the help articles with step-by-step instructions on how to set up and how to pause your Recurring Smart Ship:

Why Smart Ship is a smart option for you...

What, you can have 6 streaming services on subscription but not your health and wellness products?

All jokes aside, your health is arguably one of, if not the most important thing in your life. And we've literally demonstrated that THREE products can help you stay healthy and well at the cellular and epigenetic level. So having the products that can keep you feeling, looking, and preforming at your very best should be one of those things that you have on hand without having to think about re-ordering each month. 

So why not set up them up on a Recurring Smart Ship and get rewarded for it! For our retail and preferred customers, process 6 consecutive Smart Ship orders and get a $100 Reward Certificate! For our Brand Ambassadors, run 6 Smart Ships at 60 CV each, or that total 360 CV in 6 months or less, and get a $100 non-commissionable Reward-Certificate.